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After you have decided on a subscription model, you will receive a personal login by email. Via the link you can register and choose your own password. You are then activated for the Hub and have access to all content until your membership expires.


If you want your company to have access to the hub, see this link for ways to introduce the hub to your company.


We offer our corporate clients a thirty-minute online introduction to the Hub. We show you which areas to explore, how to interact with other members, where to comment and of course how to create your own meaningful profile.


Even without a personal introduction, you can start with the contents of the hub. All steps are explained in the first section under “Introduction”, where you will find screenshots to guide you through the hub.


We have been working in the field of sustainability and climate neutrality for some time. In addition, we have obtained certified university degrees or certified further training. The content shows graphs, citations and scientific studies from recognised bodies that you can trust completely.


Some knowledge also comes from practical experience and exchange with companies that face challenges around climate change in their daily work. It is very important to us to convey relevant content, but also practical suggestions for implementation proposals for climate activism, so that you can get started directly with your company.


Yes, we always try to keep the content up to date and to include and reflect the latest developments.


If you are missing any content, we would be happy to receive your suggestions by email to climateaction@globalchanger.org


The special thing about the hub is that you do not have to follow a predefined order. You can acquire, read and work through the content according to your individual needs and level of knowledge.


Yes, the best practices of the companies are permanently accessible. We use video content, texts and presentations provided by the companies for this purpose. If a company was part of a webinar organised by us, you can also view the recording in the best practice section.


Yes, we are also very grateful for suggestions and if we get an active member for our community through you. The hub offers various possibilities for interaction, for example through comments.


Contact us at any time by email to climateaction@globalchanger.org


We regularly offer our community exclusive webinars on specific topics and insights into various sectors. Explicit questions are answered there and valuable insights into other companies are guaranteed. There is also a newsletter that informs you about news.


Yes, all members of the hub are visible, so are you and your company. We do not want to be an anonymous platform, but stand for a lively and open exchange, which we can only make possible in this way.


If you are part of our Hub as part of a business, there is a separate section just for your business. There is a checklist here so you can check off together what content you have already looked at and worked through and talk about it together. Previously defined milestones are also visible there.


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