It’s time to act on climate change –
let’s create a sustainable future together!

We would love to present you the Climate Action Hub in a 30 minute demonstration call, learn all about the features and tools that help you to reach your goals. Let’s talk!

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What to expect


Become a climate expert

It’s about getting an overview of the dense jungle of information so that your company understands what really matters on the road to carbon neutrality. But knowledge alone is not enough – your company receives valuable recommendations for action, tested tools and insights into the activities of other companies. This unique mixture makes it possible for you to get started right away and at the same time learn from others and exchange ideas thanks to the community.


A big hello

We are happy to welcome you in our introduction area. There we will explain step by step how to work with the platform so that you can achieve the best output for you.

You and we

Community profile

We look forward to getting to know you personally and to exchanging ideas with you. There is a profile section through which you can introduce yourself to other users, here you can also link your company, information and links to it as well as your LinkedIn profile.

Take your time

Learning on demand

No expiry time, you can access the entire hub at any time. All content is always available, so you can decide your own order according to your questions and the company’s internal status. Decide for yourself when and what fits into your company’s time and action plan.


Become climate neutral

We want to give you and your company hands-on tips on how you can make a difference on a small and large scale and integrate climate-friendly action into your everyday life. For this purpose, we have defined nine offset categories and described them in detail. First, we show you where emission traps are hiding and ultimately how you can easily implement them, but also where you can get support and, if necessary, financial assistance.

The Six Step Framework

Your travel planner

We will guide you and your company through your personal climate journey using a six-step framework that we have developed.We explain the individual six steps step by step in different subcategories. Depending on which step you are at or need support, you can enter the framework at any time. We believe that the framework is not only completed once, but that the tasks are repeated again and again and that this is the only way to live and achieve a holistic climate strategy.


Change together

After we have provided you with a lot of knowledge and content, the next step is to give companies and their climate-friendly actions a platform. Here you can learn from the best, so to speak. After all, every company faces the same challenges and has to overcome the same hurdles. Together, we believe we can learn from each other, work on strategies and next steps so that we can move towards meeting the climate target of 1.5 degrees celsius. If you would also like to share your knowledge and insights of your climate action, simply contact us.

trustful partner

Learn from the best

We believe there is no company that knows everything and still has the best solution implementation. For this reason, we facilitate an active and lively exchange between companies from different sectors that all share the same intention and face the same challenges. Numerous best practices allow you to learn from the best, network with them and ask your questions. We would also like to give you and your company a platform where you can present yourselves and your activities.

Demonstration Call

Let’s talk

We would love to present you the Climate Action Hub in a 30 minute demonstration call, learn all about the features and tools that help you to reach your goals. Let’s talk!